Collagen and Skin Care



Collagen is a type of protein produced in the human body. The main task of collagen is to strengthen the connective tissue and provide flexibility. The decrease in collagen production in the body with aging causes the skin to lose its elasticity, wear and wrinkle.
In order to increase collagen production in the body, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Collagen-rich foods such as bone broth, meat fish, chicken, and red vegetables are preferred, where it is possible to increase the level of collagen, external collagen support and skin care products are another option.

In addition to aging and unbalanced nutrition, stress, irregular sleep, smoking, alcohol, sunlight cause a decrease in collagen level. Very good results can be obtained in skin care, especially with collagen-supported creams and regular nutrition for the face area. Wiltlife Collagen Face Cream is also a quality and effective product suitable for this purpose. Wiltlife Collagen Face Cream strengthens the connective tissue, gives flexibility, delays the effects of aging and removes wrinkles. Provides a more vibrant, younger appearance.

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