Sweet Fruity Oat Balls


 It has completely changed the way we work in the modernizing world. In the past centuries, people worked mostly in physical way. Nowadays many of us work mentally at offices. Although we get tired more at the end of the day, we spend less calories than before. So low-calorie desserts are very important to us

Today, we´d like to share with you a very simple as well as tasty and low-calorie recipe. Fruited Oat Balls…First, let´s list the materials;
3 cups of oats
Wanted classified nuts
1 cup of dried apricots
2 ripe bananas
10 pitted dates
You can use coconut or pistachio to cover the balls. It depends on you 
The most important feature of the recipe is that it is very simple and practical… first mix all the ingredients in blender, mixing them all properly and then roll the balls. You can cover the balls with coconut or pistachio depending on your choice
Simple, tasty and very healthy for you and kids… bon appetite…

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